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 ...Creative Multimedia that reflects Thai social value positively...
is our commitment to our clients. But also demonstrates high quality
of the whole production of ours. With the various media options,
we believes that your enterprise will find the perfect match from our site.
Such as, Digital Commercial, Live Streaming, Comedy, Reality Show,
 Music Video, Discovery, Episodic Series, Travel, Experimentation and Fashion Film.


Promoting our customer's product in digital space can be critical 
but it will be very simple to execute this progress with us. 

We have professional business partners that relates online advertisings
in many platforms such as
Google, Websites and Social Networks.

media's buying

With our consistency in updating product's information, your audiences or consumer will be engaged with interesting contents daily, weekly, monthly or as much as
your company desire. Also monitoring the interaction of social page.


social media management



'Functionality' and 'Emotional value' of products and services itself may not be adequate to execute the effective viral publishing. Therefore, 'Influencer' is the important key of promotional success to creates awareness with a concise duration. We provides variation of celebrity's lists for our consumer to choose regarding their enterprise's preferences.


This official site has been developed for an easier navigation by the utilizing of various design such as infographic other field relates editorial design. The methods of improving functionality

will also be a part of the design.Therefore, they all shall be clear
to the audience
as we redesigned.


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แขวงพลับพลา เขตวังทองหลาง กทม. 10310

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